8BitDo releases a N64 controller mod

8BitDo, the Hong Kong based known for its 3rd party accessories that combine retro aesthetics with modern functionality has released a new product: a N64 controller mod. This is a complete redo of the N64 controller’s internal structure with new one to make it compatible with today’s devices and standards.

The mod works by opening the controller’s shell taking out the original PCB and cables from your Nintendo and replacing it with the new mod board and joystick.

The kit can include (or not) a joystick that has Hall effect, which makes it so that it reduces the likelyhood of drift, and appears to have a Gamecube-style top.

The mod kit will enable you to take advantage of several features:

  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Android and Nintendo Switch
  • 500 mAh battery
  • Better joystick with Hall effect to prevent drift

Once you complete the mod, the controller will no longer be compatible with your original Nintendo 64. If you want wireless capability, go and have a look at the Admiral by Hyperkin or the Wireless Brawler 64 by Retro Fighters. You won’t be using the original N64 trident-style controllers, but you will be able to take advantage of the wireless technology.

This mod is primarily for people who want to play N64 games through an emulator on their Android device or though the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. Which I guess is good enough if you want to be playing N64 on the go or on your Switch for that extra bit of authenticity. I can even imagine someone clipping their phone to the top of one of these to emulate a sort of ‘portable N64’.

Overall for $40, it can help to breathe new life into an old controller you have lying around. Great for those among us who want to get a little bit more authenticity out of their N64 emulation experience.

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The N64 controller mod by 8BitDo is a kit that replaces your controller's PCB which converts it to a wireless bluetooth controller.
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