Yesterday Vision – Custom hardwood monitor that plays N64

This is a post that I’ve been wanting to write for a few months now. Back in April, Instagrammer Love Hultén made a post about a custom monitor he made out of hardwood and a Rapberry Pi called Yesterday Vision.

Because it’s fitted with a Pi, it can emulate all sorts of things, including Nintendo 64 of course. This also allows the use of Bluetooth controllers and speakers, if needed.

The frame is made out of mahogany, it houses a monitor, a design on the right hand side (presumably speaker output) and a volume dial with a Y on it. It’s a bit exaggerated even for trying to imitate old TVs since even then they didn’t have this much wood paneling. It still looks very clean and simple.

The 4×3 19-inch 1280×1024 screen is fairly interesting. It has a curved border, but that’s not all. If you look closely, the output is distorted to match the border’s curvature. This really gives it that feel of being an old CRT.

Yesterday Vision of course doesn’t just limit itself to using the integrated Pi, it has another HDMI input for any other console you might want to plug in. However, this would be a pretty bad idea in my opinion since this is clearly an art piece that exists alone without a TV stand, and has a minimalist design that would be ruined with cables hanging around everywhere. However HDMI dongles like Chromecast or Roku should work fine.

The 19″ Yesterday Vision sells for a whopping $2,799.00 plus tax/P&P. A simple monitor of the same size retails for less than $200 so you’re really paying for the materials, craftsmanship and customisation that Love Hultén provides. The screen size can be changed (and along with that, the frame size), so the price can be even higher if that’s what you need.

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The Yesterday Vision is a retro-inspired handmade TV screen by Love Hultén with an integrated Raspberry Pi that can play Nintendo 64 games, among others.
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