Super Mario 64 on the N64DD

So I was having a look around the 64osphere (I’m sorry, I won’t ever use that word again) and I found this video showing a version of Super Mario 64 on the N64DD:

This is said to be a demo disk used at a Japanese tech trade show in 1996 that was meant to show off the N64DD to investors. According to the owner of the disk, a French collector known as Jimmy130, The game runs pretty much the same except that the 3D Mario head was replaced by a text title scree, and there are a couple of bugs in the game. Other than that, it’s just a bit of a slower load time.

Another funny thing to note is that the label on the disk says ‘Disk Edition’ while the title screen says ‘Disk Version’. This inconsistency is probably due to the fact that they didn’t really proof-read much of it since it was meant to be used in the trade show rather than any commercial use. Trust me, I’ve been there =P

The N64DD was a system that wasn’t released outside of Japan, and even there it was distributed in very limited quantities, making it one of the most expensive collectables for the N64. It only had about 10 or so games released for it before it bit the dust and was probably responsible for the abandonment of many N64 games.

This blows my mind. I love the internet, it makes the most obscure of things and allows them to be exposed in an instant for the world to see. This is an example of it allowing us to discover the coolest things. You can read more about Super Mario 64 on the N64DD at his blog (in French, header image also from there).

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A version of Super Mario 64 on the N64DD had been discovered in a thrift shop, leftovers from a tech demo in 1996.
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