Summer 64

Summer 64 is a homebrew Nintendo 64 demo released by Lem of the Split group in October 1998. It involves a rabbit walking, hopping and dancing to some music.

You can download the zip file for this demo’s ROM on the download page by using the password “lemsplit”.

Files and documents

Dextrose description:

3D-Rabbit Dancing to the Music. Controllable by Joypad too.


SPLiT's Summer64 Intro


  Last hours have been difficult, as a result our little demo is incomplete,
  the sound cracks, code is slow and what's worse, the greets list is
  incomplete as well !! This will be repaired in a future release hopefully…
  ps: Does not compile.
 define SPLiT (Gin+Lem+Pat)
 u64 Summer64()
   u64 Credits = SPLiT+ (Lac/Dxt +Snoopy/?) ;
 u64 Greets = Actraiser + Breakpoint + Count0 + Fractal + Hartec + Immortal + Jovis + JL_P + KidStardust + Lac + Locke + Nagra + NaN + Nep + Nil + Palpy + Redbox + Rene + Silo + Sispeo + Ste + Titanik + Twinsen + Shroomz + Steve + Widget + Wildfire + #n64dev
 return( 0 );

The game starts with an intro showing a whole bunch of green and orange squares which coalesce to create a carrot logo for the split group.

Then the music starts. Wow, this music. The way it plays reminds me of that crack/keygen chiptune music except it’s actually played with real instruments. It just matches the style and pace of the animation perfectly.

The rabbit that appears in Summer 64 has three actions. When idle, it will move around the screen walking hopping and banging its drum. Strangely enough, when it does the drum banging animation it seems to line up very closely with the drum section of the music. At least for the first loop.

Moving the joystick around will move the bunny through the stage in its walking animation, and pressing the A button will make it stand still and bang on its drum.

This is definitely one of the more complex N64 homebrew demos out there, since it has a 3D model that is animated very well and non-midi music that loops throughout. After all, it is made by the same people who made Nacho 64.

One thing that doesn’t sit well with me isn’t with the demo itself, but with one of the files that come with the ROM. The file called “SUMMER64.C” contains the role call of special thanks, but wha’s strange is that it’s written in C code rather than just a plain text file. Maybe these were the strings intended to be used in a scroller, but were never really implemented.

Overall, Summer 64 is a very competent demo, worthy of staring at for at least a few minutes.

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Summer 64 is a Nintendo 64 Homebrew game made by Lem/Split that has a rabbit dancing, hopping and banging it drum to some great music.
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