Totem Pole Nintendo 64 mod by Ryan Crippen

I found this image of a totemistic Nintendo 64 mod where the case is painted to be in a tribal totem pole style. The artist for this mod is Ryan Crippen, who does a lot of work in this same style.

The totem pole Nintendo 64 Mod

There’s not really much to say about this except that this one image of it exists. I couldn’t find any information except for this quote on his Flickr from April 2008:

Commissioned hand-painted Nintendo 64, recently featured on various websites, as well as in Nintendo Power magazine.

So we can assume that this was ordered from a client of his and it’s still with them today so it’s unlikely that there’ll be any more images other than this one here.

The Totem 64

The Totem 64


An alternative shot

This Nintendo 64 mod is pretty cool to look at, it looks like it’s going to jump out at you at any moment. I like the way how it has two faces centred around cartridge port and the Expansion Pak port. I can imagine the feeling when you put a cart in the big face’s mouth… It’s would be something like pulling a lever in an ancient temple. The one thing I’d love to do in this game is play Turok 2 and locate the energy totem, and defend it at all costs.


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This Nintendo 64 mod is painted to look like a tribal totem pole.
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