Nintendo 64 Old relic: Zelda N64 mod

I cam across this Zelda N64 mod that goes by the name “Nintendo 64 Old Relic”. I’d be tempted to call it a zelda-themed paint job, but I think that it’s quite a bit more than that. What makes this different from the other paint jobs I’ve seen is that the console has been given relief and texture, rather than just being limited to the shape and texture of the Nintendo 64 as it is.

About this Zelda N64 mod

Now this one is really cool, made by (I suppose) Frenchman Vadu Anka.

Let’s start off with having a look at the controller. As a base colour it has hat seems to be a faded black, probably achieved by sanding down a black classic N64 controller, or sanding a paintjob on a grey controller. The buttons are clearly painted a golden colour which goes well with the Zelda brand colours being gold and black.

However the crown on the controller of this mod is the golden swords and shields embedded onto the front of the controller. This is what makes this mod unique – most people (probably me included) would limit themselves to repainting the N64, but he went the extra mile and changed the shape of the controller itself.

Now on to the main body of the console. Now, the base of the console still has the charcoal colur on it albeit a bit faded, but all the accents have been painted gold. The ‘legs’, the controller ports, the power/reset switches and the cartridge port are all golden in colour, making the console and controller match perfectly.

Again, what makes this mod different from most paintjobs is that the chassis of the console has relief and a rough texture. The way it’s done kinda makes it look like a cobblestone path with bits of moss growing on it. In the middle there is a symbol that looks like the Hyrule crest to make it even more Zelda-like.

The mod doesn’t come with much of a description on his website, he just said that he tried to make the top layer thin so as to not weigh down the console and that this Zelda N64 mod was done in May/June of this year (I presume).


The controller up front

The controller up front

The front of the N64 Zelda mod

The front of the N64 Zelda mod

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A really cool Zelda themed Nintendo 64 mod that has a little something unique that you don't see in other mods.
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