N64 Squid: Seven years running

nintendo 64 birthday

Just a little update. It’s been seven years since I started the website, what a ride it’s been!

This year has had one new section added to the website, competitions! It’s great, I managed to play and review each and every one of the submissions to the 64brew Game Jam 2020. It was great to see all the submissions that people made, and really showed how creative people can get with the limits provided by the system.

We’ve also seen some great news of revivals like the 3D Mario Trilogy that came out for the Switch, or the new Pokémon Snap sequel that people have been looking forward to for a very long time. However, the biggest bit of news is the leak of the Dinosaur Planet ROM, a game that’s been talked about by every Starfox fan for the past twenty years.

At the moment I’m taking a little bit of a break because of vacation (time away from my N64, oh no!), so posts will resume as normal when I get back home in late July. I’ve been going through the backlog of N64 homebrew games, ROMs and hacks, so there’s a lot of work cut out for me. No end in sight!

Happy 25 years, Nintendo 64!

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