Happy 2nd Birthday N64 Squid!

nintendo 64 birthday

So today the Nintendo 64 is 20 years old. Goddamn. And N64 Squid is 2 years old. Double goddamn.

Well, this year sure has been quiet… Throughout the year, I’ve tried a few times to get back and invested in the site, but it has been difficult. I had a few other projects that have taken most of my attention, but for the past few months, I think that I’ve gotten back into the habit of posting regularly.

This year I’ve still been posting about the same thing I’ve been doing for a while – N64 news & commentaries, fanart and the like. But this year I’ve added a new section – N64 Homebrew. This is where I work my way through the N64 SDK to help people learn how to make their own ROMS for the Nintendo 64.

It’s been a slow year, but hopefully the pace will go up again for the next.

Happy birthday!

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