Six years of N64 Squid

And yet another milestone hit. N64 Squid is now six years old, and since the Nintendo 64 was released in Japan on 18 June 1996, that makes it 24 years old now.

There aren’t many major updates for this year, but there are a couple of things that I wanted to mention given the occasion.

There were 38 new posts made this year, the most consistent I’ve been in a while. This doesn’t include guest posts, fanart or updates to old content such as the Smash Remix updates. In previous years I’ve taken long breaks due to lack of inspiration, but this year I’ve almost always been on schedule with a few exceptions.

Speaking of exceptions, I have a baby daughter who during her first few weeks of life was keeping Mum and me awake far longer than humanly possible. She’s regularised her patterns since then so things are back to normal (at least a bit)

There haven’t been any new sections to the website this year but I am planning on one and I’m almost done. It’s just a bit hard to sort out while also getting the regular posts up and out. I had to build a new section of the site (which is now done), but now I need to populate it with some actual pages. It’s a little hard to get motivated without being able to see the final version since I started around Christmas, but it’ll be here soon.

Also if the tumblr account seems a bit deadish, it’s because the website has changed. I used to use the website for two things: sharing N64 Squid content and signal-boosting other people’s creative content. Since Tumblr admins messed up the way tag search works, I can’t find other people’s content, and since the porn ban in December 2018, nobody uses the website anymore. It’s a shame, it was my most popular social media. I’ll continue cross-posting there though.

A few notable posts:

Smash Remix – This post has quickly become my most popular post. It took me two weeks to write the first version, and then I’ve updated it three times (once for each update). I guess that makes it about 5 posts’ worth of effort.

Update to Ocarina of Time 2D – This is the sort of thing that makes me very happy. In the previous year, I made a post about a version of OOT2D that was hit by a copyright strike and thus removed from the internet. I looked for an ungodly amount of time for a mirror but couldn’t find it. Luckily for me (and whoever comes across it in the future), a few readers have gotten in touch and told me that they had copies of the games saved on their local device so this little piece of internet history is preserved for anyone who might be looking for it now that the copyright dust has settled.

Zelda’s Birthday – This is a mod of Ocarina of Time, but it’s one of the most ambitious out there. I had known about it for over a decade but I never figured out how to run it until recently so it was a lot of fun to finally play it. I made sure to include detailed instructions on how to do it so that people don’t run into the same mistakes I did.

N64 Mate – The N64 Mate is an addon that adds some storage space below your N64 for cartridges, upscalers, cables etc. They ran a kickstarter to fund mass production and distribution, but unfortunately fell short. It was a lot of fun to write about though, and also the first time I got a press package to write about a product.

Top 5 N64 Cities and 4 N64 Games I Actually Like – A fun little guest post exchange which I did with Ghetto Gamer.

Heavy Metal Mod – This thing is just ridiculous, I love it.

And that’s about it for now. It feels like I just started this website a year or two ago, damn time flies.

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