Heavy Metal Nintendo 64 Mod

The heavy metal Nintendo 64 has been making the rounds on the internet quite a bit, hasn’t it? I’ve gotten alerts from at least a dozen different places about it, so it’s about time I give my take on it. I guess you could say that I’m a bit late to the party, but that party undoubtedly has some heavy metal playing all the way up to eleven.

There are a few things that make this mod unique. Most N64 mods just paint over the console, or add some resin to give it a texture, but this a full redesign.

The chassis is completely replaced with a larger metallic one, it has pipes installed that shoot lighting fluid and it has a rotating metal N64 logo in the front.

The chassis is made out of folded and welded steel. The top panel is removable with some bolts, and holes are cut out for each port. It looks really cool and industrial, but the cartridge slot does look very stiff so it might damage them if used too much.

The N64 logo on the front rotates about a spindle,with the glowing red LED from the N64’s power switch in the background.

And finally you have the flames (don’t try this at home, kids!)

The construction of Heavy Metal N64

The video itself doesn’t have a transcript per se, it’s a montage of the mod’s construction. It does go through each and every step of the process though, so I’ll bullet-point it for simplicity.

  1. Disassembling the Nintendo 64 until only the circuit board is left
  2. Taking measurements and recording the dimensions of the console’s shell
  3. Cutting all panels out of metal
  4. Drilling holes out for the controller ports and power/reset buttons
  5. Bending the panels into shape
  6. Welding them together
  7. Shaving off any leftovers
  8. Repeat again for back/top panel and for the ’roundy bits’ on the N64’s corners
  9. Cut a metal bar with a saw to make the parts for the N64 logo and weld them together
  10. Disassemble a Jumper Pak to get the circuit board
  11. Put the N64 logo on a spindle and weld the box into the frame
  12. Add some vents to the sides
  13. Create and add the controller flaps
  14. Fold up and install the Power/Reset buttons
  15. Create and install a pipe that will channel the lighter fluid
  16. Add gears and power to the N64 logo’s spindle to allow it to rotate
  17. Add screw points to make the top removable
  18. Put the pipes that direct the fluid to the exit points in place
  19. Create a fire control button on the controller that connects to a 3.5mm jack
  20. Connect the other end of the jack to the N64 frame and to the tubes
  21. And it’s done 🙂


The Heavy Metal N64 is one of the coolest mods I’ve seen so far. The addons and attention to detail is exquisite. One commenter on the video says that they should play Doom 64 on this, but I think that the only thing worthy to run on this is of course, Heavy 64.

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Heavy Metal N64 is a Nintendo 64 made entirely out of steel that shoots fire and has a rotating N64 logo in the front. This is one of the greatest mods yet.
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