Heavy 64

Heavy 64 is a demo done by one of the chaps in Protest Design which involves some heavy metal music, as one might expect. Made by Destop, who also worked on the blackbag website as well.

The ROM for Heavy 64 can be found here. Use the password “heavymetal” to download it.

File Transcript
Rom title: Heavy 64 demo by Destop (PD)


whats this?.. a trainer.. a crack...
 no its a demo for the N64
 made by destop of cRaZy NatIoN
 along with the forces from +Protest Design+

whys it so big?
 coz it contains sampled music from 2+1 bands:
 CORONER,KING DIAMOND and if you have 8 megs
 you get to hear me (destop) play some heavy riffs.

what good is it for?
 well if you like heavy metal music,gfx,and some mips asm code
 then youll like it;)

anything else?
 yea, im gonna release the source to this monstrosity.
 It contains everything a asm coder needs to make a but stompin intro:)
 Sprites,textured-triangles,interrupts-(free raster time depacker),
 8-bit sample players. (uses RSP-FAST3d-ucode for 3d primitives)

 special thanx goto the U64 GFX SW TEAM:
 S Anderson, S Carr, H Cheng, K Luster, R Moore,N Pooley, A Srinivasan

 catch me on #n64dev efnet
                            -enjoy! , destop

[email protected]
[email protected]

Credits text (very illegible

Greets go out to:
actraiser, hartec lac, javis,OSL,hp!
leon, WF eiker
JL PC,Steve,Flakemax
The ones further down are much more difficult to read, sorry :(

The ROM starts off with the first minute or so of King Diamond’s Omens playing, as the cover of their Conspiracy album spins around. There is also a rotating cube going around the screen, but it is unclear as to what it is. The strange thing about this part of the demo is that the song being played is Omens, which isn’t from the Conspiracy album shown on the screen.

Next up is Coroner’s Sirens, from the Mental Vortex album. This time the on-screen album art is the right one for the song, but this time it’s waving rather than spinning.

This is followed up by another song by King Diamond, Shrine. The album art is from Abigail, which had this song as a bonus track.

The rest of the demo is a loop of Destop playing some metal riffs with some special thanks spinning in the background. I tried to read some of them, but the resolution is pretty bad, and the ROM won’t run on an emulator. The description also mentions that the riffs at the end only work with an expansion pak, but I haven’t been able to confirm this.

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This Nintendo 64 demo by Destop called Heavy 64 includes some heavy metal music by King Diamond, Coroner and some even by Destop himself.
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