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I’ve restructured a few sections on this website to better reflect its current state.

The biggest part is the deprecation of the Price Checker page that checked eBay for daily prices of N64 games and accessories sold. In 2020, they announced (with only a week’s notice) that they were changing their API to only work for people who owned an eBay store. This meant that I’d have to pay something like £27 per month, which is more than I pay for hosting this website by at least a few times. So I just stopped the process and left it to rot for a couple of years.

Fast forward to last summer and I was in my IRL job talking to my boss and he was ranting about how developers nowadays don’t know how to do X, Y or Z. He’s an old-school kind of guy whose schoolwork was to create things like operating systems and compilers (he could be BSing, but who knows).

This got me thinking that even though I’ve been programming since 2005, I don’t really have any idea about what is taught in computer science courses since I studied business & marketing instead. So I took it upon myself to start learning things from scratch to make sure I got a good foundation. I’ve been working on a few things, but to summarise, I think that I’ll be posting someof my old (and current) projects here on this website to keep a log of what they do in case it might help someone else along the line.

You can find out more about it all over here: Projects

At the moment this only includes some projects that I’ve already posted here, but I will be posting some more old (and new) projects to showcase. Don’t worry, I won’t blast them out all at once, they’ll be sprinkled between our usual N64 offerings.

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I added a new section to the website: Projects. This includes a lot of stuff unrelated to the N64 but will include more as time goes on.
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