Eight years of N64 Squid

Four years ago, I made a post to celebrate the fourth year of N64 Squid. Well, it’s been four years since then and I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep things going for this long (at least).

As with last year, I’ve been busy with raising my child so most of my down time has been for relaxing and not so much for working on the website, so I’m sorry if content is a bit low. I am quite proud of what I’ve done though – I managed to get the 2021 game jam games all reviewed before the anniversary, and I also went on one of my most ambitious posts yet – Ura Zelda.

It is probably my most ambitious post yet (besides the SDK research and Smash Remix), clocking it at over 4000 words and 30 images. It was originally going to be a routine post but it finding out one small bit of information opened up a new rabbit hole to explore and it just kept on going and going. There’s still more to it that I didn’t cover which I might go through the coming year.

Super Luigi 64 was also quite popular this year. It was quite a lot of fun tracking down and testing all the different versions and rumors flying around.

Besides that, we’ve seen updates to Smash Remix, N64 games coming to the Switch, Earthbound 64 footage and a few more.

I’m heading off on vacation so there’s going to be not as much content in the coming weeks, I might try to get some N64 Fanart posted since that’s something I haven’t updated in a while.

Let’s celebrate the N64’s 26th birthday and let’s meet again in N64 Squid’s 9th anniversary!

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N64 Squid celebrates it's 8 years of running! Yay! Let's go through a recap of the past 12 months, shall we?
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