Happy 3rd Anniversary N64 Squid!

So I got an email the other day saying that my 3-year web hosting contract was about to expire, and that I was due to pay the renewal. It was almost twice as much. This is why you need to be careful with discounts!

On a somewhat related note, that meant that N64 Squid was also due to be 3 years old, and that the Nintendo 64 was released 21 years ago today in Japan. Let’s go through some of the new things that happened this year:

  • New design! The old design was made using a pre-made template that I modified a bit. The problem then was that I was limited by the way that the template was set up. The new one was designed by myself with the needs of the website fully in place and it works great.
  • Some additions to the SDK section. These have been a bit more technical and in-depth. Most of what I had before was just setting things up and reading directly from the documentation, but this year I feel like I understand it all better.
  • A new logo! I got a new logo designed by Skribbel recently. I didn’t have time to replace the old one everywhere, but I’ll go through it in time. You might see some more of his work around soon.
  • Not much of a new thing, but I’ve started to write some posts about specific N64 homebrew games in order to create a sort of library of them. Other websites have the ROM downloads, but none actually goes to actually describe what they are, with a few exceptions.

There are more changes to come, so be prepared!

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The birthday of the N64 and N64 Squid are here again! Let's celebrate with a recap.
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