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I don’t know if you’ve been on Reddit any time recently, but things have been quite awkward for the past week or two. The admin team has banned five controversial subreddits for ‘harassment’. Now, I’m not here to debate whether or not this banning is warranted, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are upset with this decision and have taken their business over to Reddit competitor, Voat in an event dubbed #RedditRevolt.

Reddit is a really large community, so you’re bound to find a subreddit that caters to your needs and needless to say, there was one that dealt with the Nintendo 64. So in the move to Voat, I found out that there isn’t a N64 subverse so I made one myself. Well, to be honest, there’s isn’t much of a Nintendo, Wii U or 3DS sub either; they’re practically dead. However, the site is growing due to increasing censorship and political shilling and will cause people to move over. So in time, Voat will

The N64 subverse is still young and lacking in content, but as the community grows, so will the amount of people willing to submit content and get it to grow. Feel free to submit anything from n64squid over there if you want.

PS. I know this is waaay after the fact, but I just realised that I didn’t post this until just recently.

Again, you can find the subverse here.

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With Voat being an up-and-coming social medium, I went ahead and made a subverse dedicated to it. Join Voat and help the community grow!
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