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Anyone who has played International Superstar Soccer 64 (ISS 64) will probably remember this even if they’re not aware of it. If you haven’t read the title already, I’m of course talking about the ISS 64 commentator, who repeated the same catchphrases over and over again till they were drilled into our memories. Now, most of use would have repressed that memory into the back of our heads, but someone came onto Twitter to make it repeat in our head once more.

The ISS 64 Commentator

The account was created during during the late UEFA Eurocup 2012 and he commented directly about the Italy-Germany semifinal, and I’m not too sure why, but He talked about the final match two days after it happened… Maybe it’s just that the software I’m using is a bit inaccurate.

Commenting on the Italy / Germany semifinal.

Commenting on the Italy / Germany semifinal.

Finishing the Eurocup with the final match.

Finishing the Eurocup with the final match.

Later on, he commented on a whole bunch of other matches that I don’t really know squat about. I’m just going to assume that they’re all about some game that he plays himself on the Nintendo 64, rather than an actual professional football match.

In 2014, the ISS 64 Commentator came back to (I suppose) talking about professional football with the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I won’t bother you any longer with describing it though since it is getting quite boring and redundant. Instead, I suggest that you just have a look for yourself:

The ISS 64 Commentator on Twitter

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The ISS 64 Commentator is a twitter tweeter that covered the 2014 FIFA World Cup using the mannerisms of the commentator in the N64 game.
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