Help your bro play N64 with Hot Pockets

Okay, I’ll go ahead and make a confession: I’ve never had a Hot Pocket. It’s true! I’m not really sure whether they sell them here in the UK, but even if they do, I never found one at the time when I fit their target demographic: College student without a kitchen, which was about seven years ago for me now.

But considering their social media marketing campaign, I might even consider giving them a try!

Hot Pockets nods to the N64


Now this is just one tweet, probably part of a much larger campaign but it still shows that people still recognise the Nintendo 64 as something that people still play, and forever will.

Now… As per usual, I’m going to have to go through the things that are wrong with this ad.

First off, aren’t hot pockets supposed to be heated up before eating them? It’s in the name! The way the dude on the right is holding the box suggests that he just took it out of the box and started fueling his bro.

Next, why aren’t they playing a 2-player game? There are two controllers in the picture. It’s kinda rude to have someone over and not pop in a game of Goldeneye or something.

Overall a nice ad, straight to the point, but not anything particularly risky.

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The Hot Pockets marketing team put out this ingenious tweet to titilate people who know what it feels like to be hankering for a bite while they play N64.
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