Nintendo 64 ad: Score 64 at Taco Bell

This Nintendo 64 ad promotes Taco Bell (Much like that other ad I talked about). However this one is romoting an entirely different campaign. This one promotes the Score 64 promotion that they were running at the time. The ad dates the promotion as expiring on 29 Dec 1997 so it’s safe to assume it took place some time before then.

Score 64 at Taco Bell


Scene: Mario and Donkey Kong are racing in an an animated Mario Kart 64 track (the footage is pre-rendered, not from the game). Donkey Kong eats and throws a banana at Mario and he slips and crashes into a Taco Bell. Mario then gets a drink of some sort, peels off the lid and gets a winning score 64 coin.

Mario then rides his Porsche against DK’s kart and gets him to go off road and crash out the course.

Narrator: Introducing Nintendo score 64 and win at Taco Bell. Just peel the coin of the lid and score 64 and you could win an N64 system, cash and millions of other great prizes. And who knows who’ll win the Porsche Boxster.

It’s score 64 and win, only at Taco Bell.


This Nintendo 64 ad is basically advertising a promotion for a taco bell lottery/giveaway thing. The ad features Mario and Donkey Kong racing against each other in what I would assume is Mario Raceway. Donkey Kong throws a Banana and Mario slips on it, but he crashes into a Taco bell where he wins himself a Porsche Baxster and wins the race.

The ad is quite simple, really. It has a fun little 3D-animated portion (which was quite rare at the time) and presents its selling points quite accurately. The only problem is that I don’t really remember there being any Taco Bell pit-stops in the mushroom kingdom.

List of available prizes:

  • Nintendo 64 console with 007 Goldeneye.
  • Cash.
  • Taco Bell meals (presumably coupons for them).
  • A snowboard.
  • A Jetski.
  • A bicylce.
  • A Porsche Boxster.


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This is an ad promoting a marketing campaign where you can win prizes by getting a Score 64 coin in your Taco Bell meal.
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