Nintendo 64 ad: Australian TV

So this is an Australian TV ad that ran some time in 1997. Let’s have a look:

Australian TV ad

Actor: Showtime!

Furry fox to rubber froggy! I am leaving the [fog?]

Narrator: Nintendo 64.

Actor: Power up. Speed. Bang!

Narrator: 3 times as powerful than any other system.

Actor: Nah, it’s not dangerous. Unless something goes wrong. Aaah!

Narrator: Now, only $199. Complete 3D movement. With unique joystick. Unique Rumble Pak. One to four players simultaneously. Only on Nintendo 64. Now, only $199.

Actor: This stunt requires split second… There’s a train going past, why…?!

Narrator: Six out of the top eight selling games. So many games.

Nintendo 64. Yes, just $199.

Wow this ad sure is a rush. It’s so fast-paced, trying to cram as much into on ad as possible, and it’s a pretty long one because of it. The ad was live very early in the N64’s life, the same year that the N64 was released in Australia.

It advertises way too many things to list, mostly through visual cues but as expected they’re all early N64 releases so there isn’t any Zelda or Banjo to be seen.

The thing that stand out to me is that they repeated “Only $199!” too many times. It seemed as if they’re really trying to drill this into the viewer. Given that this ad was live very early in the N64’s commercial life, I can’t really say that

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This crazy Australian TV ad throws so much at you, you will have no choice but to throw your money at the Nintendo 64!
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