Nintendo 64 ad: Crossdressing

Now this is a weird one. I won’t go into too much detail right here, but let’s just say that it involves quite a bit of crossdressing.


Father: Son, life isn’t all about money. Nah, family, health, happiness… Those are the important things. I guess what I’m really trying to say is…

[Father appears crossdressing]

Father: How much will it cost to keep this from your mother?

Narrator: $39.95! That’s all you need for these super cool Nintendo 64 games, all best sellers and
all players choice! Hey, at these prices, maybe you can get two!

[Grandpa also crossdresses]

Kid: Grandpa?

Narrator: Rated E for Everyone

Crossdressing ad description

You hear a somewhat pleasant speech by a father to his son while showing some footage of middle class suburbia. The ad then turns dark when the father appears to be crossdressing and asks his son to keep quiet in exchange for money.

After that, the narrator chimes in saying that you can now get the games for $40 and the kid finds out that his grandfather also crossdresses.

As you can tell, this is a very weird ad. I can just imagine the Nintendo of America marketing team meeting up and brainstorming ideas for this ad:

Big boss: Okay people, we need to show the world that Nintendo 64 games are affordable, what are you ideas?

Dood 1: I dunno… cheap as chips?

Dood 2: How about something accounting-themed?

Dood 3: Bribery.

Boss: That’s a great idea! Bribery and a games console, why didn’t I think of that! How about we stick some blackmail in there for good measure? Now, we need to make it funny… Any ideas?

Dood 1: Embezzlement?

Dood 2: Gangsters and mafia?

Dood 3: Crossdressing parents?

Boss: You’re getting a raise.

I mean, really… Who comes up with something like this? Anyways, on to the description.

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Have you ever caught your parents crossdressing? No? well Nintendo thinks its a good way to blackmail them into funding your Nintendo 64.
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