Nintendo 64 ad: Taco Bell toys

Here’s a nice little Nintendo 64 ad: Taco Bell Toys.


Nintendo 64 ad transcript:

Dad: Hey, where’d you get that?

Kid: Taco Bell

Dad: One of those… Nintendo guys, huh?

Kid: Donkey Kong

Dad: Can I see it?

Kid: In a minute!

Dad: Cmon!

Kid: Come on dad-

[Toy gets tossed out the car’s open skylight]

Everyone: *Gasp*

Mom: Alright guys, we’re going to Taco Bell.

Dad: Aaah Yeah!

Narrator: Nintendo toys free with a kids meal and 99 cents with a holiday gift box. The perfet gift for your kids.

Dad: Hey! Yours is bigger!

Kid: I think somebody needs a nap!

Narrator: Taco Bell. Want some?


This is a simple and pleasant ad, it shows a bit of distress when the kid loses the toy, but otherwise it’s an all-around decent advertisement. There is a family in a car, the dad asks his son to have a look at his Donkey Kong toy. When he tries to grab it, they accidentally throw it out of the window and decide to pass by Taco Bell to go and get another one. Light-hearted, but acceptable.


The ad gets its point across quite well, that being that you can go to Taco Bell and get these Nintendo toys. However, one thing that confuses me a bit is the target audience – The dad is clearly quite interested in the toy at the beginning, so much so that he’s willing to snatch it out of his son’s hands. Then the narrator says that not only does a toy come with any kids meal, but you can get one for 99 cents on top of your regular meal. Then, when the three characters leave the restaurant, each one of them is clutching a toy.

These three points seem to imply that they are targeting adults for these toys. The only reason I think this is plausible is so they can get some cheap stocking filler for some kid they need to get a gift for, or as a last-minute present their forgetful ass needed to get. However, the dad seems so enthusiastic about it that it honestly confuses me.


Now, this ad is only 30 seconds long, but there’s still quite a bit wrong with it. Here for your reading pleasure in list form!

  • Why is the dad so keen on the toys?
  • You have to be reaaaaally clumsy to accidentally throw something out of the skylight like that. I think it was deliberate. Like the dad wanted an excuse to go to Taco Bell.
  • The Taco Bell billboard has a ‘halo’ music on it. Is Taco Bell a gift from God or something?
  • The toys that appear seem to be Donkey Kong climbing a tree, a Yoshi doll, a bizarre looking N64 controller and what looks like a disembodied ROB head.
  • “Yours is bigger!” “I think somebody needs a nap.” Yeah, I’m sure that I do, that joke made no sense.
  • Why go to Taco Bell in the middle of a road trip? Don’t they realise that they’re going to get diarrhoea 10 minutes after they start driving again?

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This Nintendo 64 ad promotes Taco Bell's line of toys in 1997 that include Donkey Kong, Yoshi and more.
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