Teens play Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64

It hasn’t been long since I made a post about the Teens React channel when they played Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64 yet they already made a video where the teens play another Nintendo 64 game, Mario Kart 64.

Teens play Mario Kart 64

Narrator: So today you are playing… This!

Ethan: *Gasp* Bruh!

Olivia: Nintendo!

Morgan: Mario Kart 64.

Jeannie: I’m really good at this game! I can’t wait, aaah!

Troy: I’ve played Mario Kart many times, not on the 64-

Seth: I’ve played Mario Kart on the Gamecube…

Ethan: I’ve been playing since Double Dash, bro. That’s Gamecube, I got this!

Narrator: This is going to be a tournament, first you’ll have one race against another reactor and computer players. Whoever places the highest out of the two of you will move on to the final race.

Morgan: Oh my gosh! Yes! I feel like I’m gonna win.

Olivia: That sounds fun! I’m really not good at Mario Kart, but I like it.

Jeannie: I’m so good at this game, I’m like older than all those other kids out there, you know I got more experience.

Seth: I’m going to destroy everyone. I don’t think other people have the skill level. I’m pretty sure they’re going to suck.

Ethan: I feel sorry for whoever is going to get me first. They might have a little fun driving around in 8th place.

[insert a whole lot of shit-talking while racing]

Troy: I won!

Seth: Fine, Troy won. Troy won.

Troy: I wanna thank mom, I wanna thank dad, I wanna thank Jesus…

Jeannie: (covers his mouth) Shut up, shut up.

Seth: You know what you’re teaching everyone? That cheaters win. That’s what you’re teaching everyone right here.

Jeannie: Do you feel good about yourself, Troy?

Troy: Yeheah!

As you can see, this is another tournament-style video played by the Teens React guys. There are six of them which play 1v1 in the Grand Prix mode for the first round, and then the winner of each moves on to a VS mode 1v1v1.

The winner in the end was Troy, who alsowas the one who scored the highest in the first round, getting into 3rd while the other winners got in 4th place. Seems like the results of the 1st round determined the last one.

What I found really funny about this is that pretty much everyone except Olivia has said that they’re going to be the winner. It’s just so much fun when you see them lose at the end after saying all that.

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In this episodes, the teens play Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 in a tournament against each other. Who will be the champion this time?
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