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As you might as well know, I like to spend quite a while browsing around the internets looking for juicy N64-Related things to write about. Well, I came across a website that has quite a bit of content on it, which would make talking about each individual post a lazy way of padding out N64 Squid. This means that I’ll give you a brief overview and let you check out Expansion Pak Detected at your own pace. I will, however, give you a brief overview about the site.

About Expansion Pak Detected

The website named after the popular N64 splash screen is run by Tomleecee (who also runs and and is used exclusively to write posts about the Nintendo 64. The website was founded in May 2013 and has 17 posts as of now, but he’s told me that more is in the pipeline.

Some select posts

As I said, I won’t go through every post, but I’ll point out a few that I really liked.

The Curious Case Of Rev Limit – This post talks about what happened to a game that was being hyped up and then was nowhere to be seen.

A Letter From Rare – Tom wrote a letter to Rareware to show his appreciation for Perfect Dark and gets a little surprise back.

Perfect DOOM – A fun experiment of mixing Perfect Dark and DOOM. Saying anything else would be spoilers.I think that should be enough to get you started with Expansion Pak Detected. There are also a series of reviews (primarily of racing games) so be sure to check those out.


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Let's have a quick look at a website quite quite a bit of good original content about the Nintendo 64: Expansion Pak Detected.
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