Custom made Nintendo 64 lamp and table

This here is an interesting pair of real-life fanart. I’m putting them together because they both have a very similar design and function, and here they are, the Nintendo 64 lamp and table!

Nintendo 64 lamp

The Nintendo 64 lamp is in the shape of a Nintendo 64 Logo, in 3D. From the picture, it’s not very clear whether the light bulb is in the middle and the logo is just a wooden block or whether the block is hollow and translucent with the bulb within it. If I had to guess though, I’d go for the former.

Nintendo 64 Table

This table also is based on a 3-D model of the N64 logo. It pretty much the same look as the lamp, except that it’s made on a much larger scale and it has a flat peice of glass on top of it to make the tabletop.


The Nintendo 64 Lamp

The Nintendo 64 Lamp


The Nintendo 64 Table

Again, this is one of those cases where it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint the origin of the images. The lamp is quite obscure, but the table has its own instructables page, which means that you can make if yourself if you want to.

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Nintendo 64 furniture - Squid has a look at a custom made Nintendo 64 Lamp and table based on the 3d model of a N64 logo.
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