3d Print: Nintendo 64 hanger for game cartridges

Have you ever wanted to hang your N64 games up on a wall for the world to see? Well now you can, with this handy-dandy Nintendo 64 hanger, now 3-D printable for your convenience!

So, this is another N64 related 3-D Print that you can download and use yourself. All you have to do is get some screws (or a nail) and stab it into the wall, and your cartridge should be ready to be snapped into position!

I think that this is pretty cool, but it becomes quite impractical if you have hundreds of games that you want to hang up on the wall. You will have to print out hundreds of these and also have enough space to put them on.

I still think this kicks ass though.

You can find the schematics for the Nintendo 64 hanger here.

Nintendo 64 hanger gallery

The 3d-printable model.

The 3d-printable model.

They can connect together!

They can connect together!

The backside!

The backside!

Technical bits and pieces.

Technical bits and pieces.

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Have you ever wanted to have your Nintendo 64 game plasterd all over your wall? Well now you can with this handy-dandy Nintendo 64 hanger!
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