007 Goldeneye: How to make a remote mine

Who doesn’t love a bit of 007 GoldenEye in their lives? I know I do. Why not take it a step further and make your very own N64-style remote mine?

Instructables user shaneblomberg made a pretty fascinating guide tomaking a remote mine from GoldenEye. It’s going to set you back quite a bit to make this because of the precise items needed  for the shell and the circuitry. I can’t manage to find the joystick for the shell anywhere. I must admit that the circuitry is cheaper than I expected but you still need to get it all together in one place.

The LEDs blink around the mine which gives it this really cool effect when you press the button in the middle.

I think that I should let the instructions speak for themselves so I won’t go into much detail about how this works. Enjoy!

Remote mine gallery


The remote mine from 007 Goldeneye.


The finalised mine in action!

The guts

The guts

Fuck it, let's just 3D-print the whole thing.

Fuck it, let’s just 3D-print the whole thing.


The mine in action!

007 Goldeneye: How to make a remote mine
007 Goldeneye: How to make a remote mine
Tired of using remote mines in 007 Goleneye on the N64? Ever wanted to have them in real life? Well now you can!

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