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Not too long ago, a user by the name of Krustoff posted an image on Reddit’s /r/nailedit board titled “An N64 chair I made in 5th grade for a school project”. Judging by where the image was posted, I’ll just go and say that the author is just having a laugh at his Nintendo 64 chair. He had this to say:

“Made this N64 chair in 5th grade for a school project. The seat was originally painted like an N64. And there used to be a back that was painted like a GameCube. My dad still uses it when he works on cars now.”

Well, it’s still painted like an N64… Assuming that this Nintendo 64 chair was made when the Gamecube was released because of the back of the chair, it’s good to know that it’s still being used. That being said, it’s still pretty rediculous and funny to have a look at considering all the cool mods I’ve talked about on N64squid.

The only known image of the Nintendo 64 chair


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Reddit user /u/Krustoff submitted this work of art to /r/nailedit: A Nintendo 64 chair he made when he was in the fifth grade.
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