Virtual Springfield Site Intro

Virtual Springfield Site Intro is another one of those simple demos for the N64 from back in the day. It was published by Presten from Virtual Springfield and other people as well helping out with bits and pieces. The date on the file says that it was modified in 2004, but the text in the ROM says 1998, so take from that what you will.

There’s not much to this demo except that it seems to be the intro to a website that contains a lot of N64 ROMS, but the site itself is never mentioned so that could be wrong.

The Virtual Springfield Site Intro demo itself contains some scrolling text that contains very little information, and then a wavy logo in the background. It’s a bit strange to look at because the logo isn’t in sync with the text so the demo doesn’t make a consistent full loop. On top of that, the logo itself has two versions: a rust-coloured one and a blue one that comes in later on.

You can download the ROM for Virtual Springfield Site Intro here, using the password “VSSI”.

Virtual Springfield Site Intro Video

A Presten production. Small site intro.

Virtual Springfield.

This file passed through virtual springfield.

n64 / t1 /6gb

msftug affiliated

Credits for this intro

  • Code: Presten
  • Music: Jogeir Liljedahl
  • Design: Presten / Saska
  • Logos: Mutronix
  • Modplayer LaC

(L) VSF 1998

All roms ever released online

Respect to them who deserve it.

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Virtual Springfield Site Intro is a Nintendo 64 Demo from 1998 by Presten which provides a simple intro to his site. Let's take a look.
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