The Nintendo 64 console in Minecraft

I came across this video of someone building a Nintendo 64 console in Minecraft. Let’s have a look:

Nintendo 64 console in Minecraft

So, let’s go through a brief description of this Minecraft masterpiece, shall we?

This Minecraft gizmo was created by a user called SteppedMania, who uploaded the video in September 2013. It’s a time lapse of the building of his monument to the Nintendo 64 in Minecraft. There’s really not much more to say. Okay, I’ll give you some stats. According to the video:

The entire process took around 40 hours to complete. Big thanks to my friend who helped out during this time. About 80k blocks of wool were placed in total. The scale of the console itself is about 1100:1.

The model includes everything you’d expect from a Nintendo 64 console: controller ports, cartridge slot with Legend of Zelda in it, N64 Logo at the front, vents… well, you get the point. All that’s missing is the PSU/AV ports and internal circuitry, but that’s a bit too excessive for a model that’s only meant to show of the exterior.

This is a pretty cool bit of fanart, have a look at the video and see for yourself!


The cartridge.

The cartridge.

The backside.

The backside.

The frontside.

The frontside.

The N64 console being built.

The N64 console being built.

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Youtube user SteppedMedia made a video of the building of a Nintendo 64 console in Minecraft, and here we are again to have a look at it.
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