Smash 64 menu stage in Smash Ultimate

Here’s a fun little thing I found. I was playing some Smash Bros Ultimate this week when I decided to check out the online section where people can share the various creations they made: from stages to Miis to replays. On there I was graced with this piece of work, the Smash 64 menu made into a playable stage.

Made by Aysha and released last Sunday, this stage has eight traversable central platforms, one solid one on the left and then an angled yellow ground with the smash logo carved into it on the right.

It kinda looks the same, right?

You can find this stage by using ID 08YLYXQB or by searching “Smash 64 Menu”, be sure to “Yeah” it when you do.

I tried to make this as close to the N64 experience as possible, so I made a match with 8 players, the ones from the original game (excluding unlockables). Then I changed the item select ton include all the items from Smash Bros 64 minus the fan and red shell which don’t exist in Ultimate, and including the party ball which comes packaged with the other containers.

I must admit it took me a few tries before I won vs several lvl9 bots in a 500 hp 1-stock fight. The main trap in this stage is that you can’t really recover once you fall below the yellow block, which I don’t think has a ledge to hang on.

Each of the traversable platforms also have ledges to hang on, which makes it a bit complicated to get through the stage and attack someone from above or below.

In the end, I think it was a bunch of fun to play this stage with these settings. I’d recommend everyone who has SSBU and reads this website to play the Smash Bros 64 Menu stage with these settings, even if it’s just once.

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Smash 64 Menu is a stage for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Switch that is based off of the menu screen from the first Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64.
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