Play Ocarina of Time on a sponge

Now this is one of the strangest cartridge mods that I’ve seen. As you might remember from my post about Nintendo 64 and SNES soap cartridges, this is stuff that really intrigues me. This particular example however, isn’t just for show. It is a fully functional sponge of Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.

The Ocarina of Time sponge


The console showing the title screen and the sponge cart.


Not too sure what this is, but lit looks like the Spirit Temple.

Now, the way that I thinks this works is that Tumblr user Peripheralpolymath hardened a sponge and put an Ocarina of Time PCB in there somehow. I’m not one to doubt how these things may work, but it’s nonetheless pretty cool to look at.

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I don't know if this happened by accident, but Peripheralpolymath managed to get Zelda: Ocarina of Time to boot from a sponge.
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