Nintendo 64 FAQ – July 2014

Nintendo 64 FAQ

Being that this website is dedicated to all things Nintendo 64, I thought that I’d go ahead and post a Nintendo 64 FAQ with all the information and Trivia about the Nintendo 64 in one place, for your convenience.

This edition of the Nintendo 64 FAQ contains the following:

  • Release dates in some countries
  • Hardware specs
  • Hardware sales figures (with competition)
  • Top 10 software sold
  • Launch titles
  • N64 accessories list
  • Link to a full list of N64 games

You can find the Nintendo 64 FAQ here.

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You can find all the basic information about the N64 here - release date, hardware data, sales data and more! This is the first draft - published July 2014.
Article published on N64 Squid


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