Sample Demo by Florian

Sample Demo is a Nitnedo 64 Homebrew demo by someone over at Dextrose called Florian. There’s not much about this homebrew Nintendo 64 ROM on the internet, besides the fact that it exists. The file meta data suggests that it he was part of Project design, but I cannot confirm this.

You can download the zip with the ROM for the Sample Demo here, using the password “samplebyflorian”.

The demo consists of what seems to be a car, or speeder (think Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) that rotates continuously. It has flat polygons (no gouraud shading or textures) except for the antenna and the ‘wheels’. There is also some chiptune music in the background, Not sure what the track is called.

There are a few controls to the Sample Demo that give it a bit of interativity. The joystick rotates the model around and the d-pad allows you to zoom in and out (useful, considering that the demo starts zoomed all the way in). What really makes this ROM curious is that the L and R buttons have some effect as well, but it’s not visible from an emulator. If you have a look at the video below at the 00:48 mark, you’ll see that pressing the R button has a strange effect on the model. It look me a while to figure out, but I realised that it’s just messing with the Z-buffer, making some polygons appear before ones that should be in front. The L Button is simpler – it replaces the solid model with a wireframe, see 01:30 in the video.

File name: Sample Demo by Florian (PD)


Sample Demo done by Florian

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Sample Demo is a Nintendo 64 homebrew demo ROM by Florian. It has a Rotating car with a few interesting controller-activated special effects.
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