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B3313 is a hack of Super Mario 64 that follows the urban legend of the personalisation AI and internal plexus theory made by ChrisRLillo.



77a is a homebrewn strategy game for the N64 by Count0 where two players take turns shooting artillery projectiles at each other.

Smash Remix v1.4.0 – Goemon, Slippy & Peppy edition


Goemon, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare join the fight in the latest version of Smash Remix!

The N64brew Game Jam 2023 is on!


Summer’s in! The 64Brew Game Jam 2023 is up and sunshine on everybody’s mind.

Early Flash projects


These are some of my experimental early Flash projects which I made for fun back in 2005 before I started making full games in Flash.

Covering the N64 for nine years


It’s been nine years of N64 Squid! Let’s have a quick recap of what’s been going on over the past twelve months.

Bike Race ’98


Bike Race ’98 for the Nintendo 64 is a homebrew game by NaN where you shoot all the pedestrians who dare to cross your path.

Commander Keen


This port of Commander Keen for the Nintendo 64 is a faithful reimplementation of the original game on DOS by Ryzee119.

8BitDo releases a N64 controller mod


The N64 controller mod by 8BitDo is a kit that replaces your controller’s PCB which converts it to a wireless bluetooth controller.

Return to Yoshi’s Island 64


Return to Yoshi’s Island 64 Is a mod for Super Mario 64 by Kaze where you have to save the Yoshis by gathering stars in 3 unique levels.


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