The Nintendo 64 Kid

In order to keep with the Christmas spirit, I’m going to need to post about the Nintendo 64 Kid. It’s just inevitable, there is no such thing as a N64 website that doesn’t talk about him in some fashion. So here we go!

The famous Nintendo 64 Kid video

Brandon: Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR! Oh my god! Oh my god!!

Rachel: Thank you! (Unintelligible)

[Screaming] [pounding on the box]

Mom: I think they’re exited.

[In unison, throwing their fists in the air]

Both: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Brandon: Now we can order games from Blockbuster!

Mom: Brandon! Now you can open up your small one.

Brandon: Okay!

[Opens box]

Brandon: Nintendo 64 remote control car!

Now that was fun wasn’t it? I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten as excited for anything in my life.

He explained in a Mashable interview that his parents had a dim view of video games and so he wasn’t expecting it at all so when I saw the N64 for the first time he just lost his mind. Not that I blame him. You can definitely feel the Christmas cheer from this video.

One thing that I think everyone seems to forget is at the very end of the video he calls the remote control car that he gets a “Nintendo 64 remote control car”. As far as I know there is no such thing as a Nintendo 64-powered car. Though that would be fucking awesome. My guess is that he was just excited about Nintendo 64 everything.

Nintendo 64 Kid part 2: Goldeneye

Mom: I rented a Rumble Pak for it

Brandon: Oooh, those are good.

Mom: So Monday night we have that and I rented two games.

Rachel: What?

Mom: Goldeneye

Brandon: Ooo!

Mom: And NBA Courtside basketball.

Brandon: Oh my gosh, Goldeneeeeeeye! Oh, man; Goldeneye! Ah, man!

Dad: Brandon, have you ever played Goldeneye?

Brandon: No, but I heard that a lot of people are liking it!

This is the lesser known sequel to the video, the one where they find out that their mum has rented out Goldeneye and NBA Courtside for the Nintendo 64.Like any proud N64 owner he disregards the NBA game and focuses on the James Bond game. Good pick, Brandon!

So there you have it, the famous two Nintendo 64 Kid videos. Now, this video would have little importance in the grand scheme of N64 culture on its own, but it does since it became viral. After millions of views, it is now one of the top seen things on the internet and what many people associate with the Nintendo 64. I can’t really complain, since it is a very positive video showing in 1998 home video VHS style the way we should all be excited about the joys in life.

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Everyone knows about the Nintendo 64 Kid, but let's have another look at the video and see why it's so important to N64 culture.
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