The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

The evolution of gaming consoles is a pretty big infographic that shows a chronological progression  of games throughout time. Being that this is a Nintendo 64 blog, I’ll be focusing on the section talking about the N64.

 The evolution of gaming consoles

There’s not much to say here that hasn’t already been said in my Edge magazine post. The blurb for the N64 is quite negative, focusing on the downfall of the N64 rather than on any successes. It mentions that compared to the PlayStation, the N64 came later and alienated third party developers by sticking to publishing their games cartridges (If you exclude the N64DD) rather than moving forward with CDs.

The only positive thing mentioned in this blurb is that the Nintendo 64 was twice as powerful as the PlayStation. Eyeehhh… No. Well, that’s debatable. The N64 has twice the bits, but it has about 3x the CPU speed and a little bit more RAM (over twice with the expansion pak). Yes, it was technically superior, but not by twice.

The rest of The Evolution of Gaming Consoles contains information on the major consoles throughout time and covers most of the lessr-known ones as well, so I’d recommend having a look at it in case you haven’t already.

Trivia & Nitpicking

  • The release date shown is the Japanese release, while the price is the original US price. (See FAQ).
  • There’s a typo: ‘Severely’ is spelt ‘everely’.

Sorry, I couldn’t find the source, so this just links to imgur. Let me know in the comments if you know who made this.

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The Evolution of Gaming Consoles is an image that has a look at gaming consoles throughout time. In this post, Squid has a look at the N64 section of it.
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