Why gamers get so angry

Here’s a little comic I found for you all. You can view it here: Why gamers get so angry by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman at Dorkly. Check out the rest of the site, it has plenty of other good comic, I recommend it. =D

Back to the topic at hand, this is a comic showing the various frustrations that one goes through when playing a game and how those evolve throughout time. Being a Nintendo 64 blog, I’ll go through what this comic has to do with the Nintendo 64.

How “Why gamers get so angry” relates to the Nintendo 64

So what does this have to do at all with the N64? The comic doesn’t have any N64s in it…

Well, that’s true.

However, it did remind me of something – if you think about it, it is the console which has the most of the issues mentioned combined. Think about it, the Nintendo 64 has:

  • Cartridges that you need to blow into
  • Batteries that need to be replaced for the rumble pak
  • Memory cards that are prone to deletion

Now that I think about it, the N64 is the only console that I can think of that uses batteries for something that isn’t powering the controller (such as Wii/Gamecube (with the Wavebird)) since pong consoles from the 1970’s. I didn’t include the shitty internet service from Randnet because… Just no.


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Squid comments on a comic by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman at Dorkly about why gamers get angry at different generations of gaming.
Article published on N64 Squid


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