Video Game High School and the N64

So a couple of weeks ago, the series Video Game High School (VGHS) released an episode called N64, and here it is:

Video Game High School and the N64

Before you ask, no. I’m not going to transcribe a video that is over an hour long.

Now, even though N64 is in the title of the episode, this has pretty much nothing to do with the Nintendo 64. The only references I can find to it are these:

  • The title (of course).
  • There is a thing the villains are trying to sell call the Napalm 64 which I think is an energy drink called the Napalm which has 64 ounces of fluid in it.
  • There’s this guy working at a game store that wields a Nintendo 64 controller and beats a customer up with it and then carries it around during the rest of the episode. I dunno who this character is, but I guess that he’s supposed to be someone important in the series.

Aaaand that’s about it. And here I was expecting something really N64-ish. =(


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The kids from Video Game High School come together to take back the high school from the Napalms' takeover and their N64 drink.
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