Game collection with custom furniture

Here is an interesting game collection. It’s one of those “Fill the room up with games” kind of shrine that we all know and love. I really like that it even though the whole room is filled with games, it still looks very clean and tidy. We all know that one of the maxims of game collecting is to smash as many game items into as small a space as possible, and this person made it turn out quite well.

Each of the shelves are made out of wood and have a panel on the front of them which shows the logo of the console for which those games are for. Also unlike most of the collections I’ve seen, these shelves are nailed directly to the wall instead of standing on the floor. What’s also pretty cool is that he has custom labels for his Nintendo 64 games, it’s pretty much impossible to find a particular game to play in a collection this big without them.

I think it’s best if I stop rambling right here and let you have a look at the images for yourself. This was a very popular collection that has been posted around quite a bit, but I think that I finally managed to find the original source, it’s in this article from I suggest that you have a read through it, it details an interview they had with Aaron about his collection. He claims to have 319 Nintendo 64 games, which is pretty much every game released for the system.

Gallery of this game collection

This is the bulk of Aaron's collection.

This is the bulk of Aaron’s collection.

You can see the N64 game collection on the far left.

You can see the N64 game collection on the far left.

A look at the sheer volume of NES and SNES games.

A look at the volume of NES and SNES games.

The beautifully designed Game Boy shelves.

The beautifully designed Game Boy shelves.


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Check out this retro game collection with the games being held in custom furniture owned by Nintendo collector Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton.
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