Rev Limit: An unreleased N64 game

There have been quite a few discoveries recently, hasn’t there? First that Goldeneye HD game for the XBox 360 and now this. Rev Limit is an unreleased game for the Nintendo 64 made by SETA, developers of a whole bunch of Japan-only games. These include three Shogi games, one Mahjong game, a pachinko game and a golf game. They even published one of the N64 versions of Tetris for a Japan-only release, but the game was developed by Amtex.

The game was hyped and due for release early on in the game’s lifespan, but it languished in development hell for quite some time until it was ultimately thrown in the bin. The 1999 date on this game shows that it was still being developed up until at least that year. There was a version of Rev Limit that was released for the Aleck 64 (an arcade platform based on N64 hardware) so it makes sense that an almost-complete version of the game exists.

The game appeared on a thread over at Assembler Games where user RetrogameTV went on to show the game.

The cartridge is one of those development prototype cartridges that I have talked about before, this one comes with the serial number ‘NUS-16F32S’ and ‘128M + 256K’ which I suppose refers to the ROM capacity and the Controller Pak support respectively.

Rev Limit does look fairly complete. It has a menu, a working game and it loops around at the end of a race just fine. The only thing missing is the music, this is an eerily quiet game. As for the gameplay, it looks like a pretty good racer. My personal preference lies towards the more gimmicky kinda of racing games like kart racers or F-Zero so I’m not much of an expert in the genre.

It’s still good to see that there are games being uncovered from the era. I look forward to more reveals in the future, including a playable ROM so that Rev Limit can persevere in the online library.

Rev Limit Gallery

The cartridge in a Nintendo 64

The cartridge in a Nintendo 64

The Rev Limit menu screen

The Rev Limit menu screen

Racing screen

Racing screen

Going through a tunnel

Going through a tunnel

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A dev cart for an unreleased Nintendo 64 game called Rev Limit has been found. The finder has uploaded 10 minutes of footage so let's have a look.
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