Nintendo 64 at Hampton Inn in Shrewsbury

Hampton Inn and the N64

Now this is a really small little tidbit about the Nintendo 64. I came across a review for the Hampton Inn at Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania on tripadvisor from about a year ago, and the writer mentioned that they had a Nintendo 64 in the room. I find this particularly interesting because this article was written in 2013, well after the N64 passed it’s day. You’d expect the N64 to be restricted to private retro collectors, but if this is true, it brings a smile to my face. To see that mainstream companies still appreciate the N64 will make it live on for a very long time.

Has anyone else recently seen a N64 somewhere that isn’t specifically a gaming place? If so, let me know in the comments below.


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Do hotels still have Nintendo 64 services for their guests? Well it looks like Hampton Inn still does provide its guests with N64 greatness.
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