Happy birthday, Nintendo 64 and N64Squid.com!

nintendo 64 birthday

18 years of history

*cling cling* Excuse me everyone

I would like to make a toast in honour of a beloved friend to all of us.

The date is the 23rd of June 1996. The Nintendo 64 is finally released in Japanese stores to uproar and acclaim.  After the Super NES battled with Sega for over five years, and it was time to pass the torch over to the next console in Nintendo’s legacy and to take the step from a 2D based system to a 3D based one. O

It faced an uphill struggle against its competition. Friends that it once saw loyal turned around and went to someone else, it lacked strength in certain areas but it more than made up for it in innovation. Many techniques that became a staple of gaming came to be because they worked on the Nintendo 64. And because of that, it has forever earned a place forever in our hearts.

And a new beginning

Today also marks the day on N64 Squid’s first post. Here we will chronicle its rise, its retirement and its legacy.

Let us all raise our glass to a console which if it was a human, would now be of age.

Oh wow, that sounded a whole lot more pretentious than I thought. =P Either way, I hope that we will al enjoy another 18 years playing the Nintendo 64 together.

I wish you a happy birthday, Nintendo 64.

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I would like to make a toast and wish a happy birthday to the Nintendo 64 and N64 Squid.
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