Video Game Pianist plays Super Mario 64

I was derping around on Twitter the other day (which if you’re not following me, you should @SquidSquidgy), and I came across @vidgamepianist. As his name implies, he plays video game themes on the piano. The one I came across first was this one:

Haunted House by the Video Game Pianist

As you can tell from the title, this is the music from Big Boo’s Haunt, minus the merry go round music. Though this is the first one that I found, it’s not really the best example of his work since the theme is really slow and not very interesting without the context of the level.

Here’s a few more:

Super Mario 64 title theme

This one is a bit hard to figure out, mostly because it sounds like a cover of the original Super Mario Bros theme, rather than of the Mario 64 title screen. Once you notice the subtleties, you’ll know what I mean.

Cave Dungeon

Again, this isn’t really one that I like because I really hate the Hazy Maze Cave level.

Bowser level

This one over here has got to be my favourite. He goes through the whole song in such a way so that it’s recognisable, but still putting his own style onto the music.

And that’s all for now. Why not have a look at his Youtube channel for more videos of him performing various video game melodies?

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The Video Game Pianist Makes a variety of covers based off of popular video game music, this time it's based of themes from Super Mario 64.
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