Nintendo 64 ad: Inhaler

It’s been a while since I posted anything about a Nintendo 64 ad, hasn’t it? Well here’s a nice and simple ad for you to enjoy: The inhaler ad.

The inhaler ad:


Label: Anti-asthma inhaler

[Image of the N64 console] + [Image of the N64 Controller]

14.990 ptas!

Figure 1: Open inhaler

Figure 2: Inhale


This ad is really simple. It shows a picture of an inhaler and under it, it shows the price of a Nintendo 64, suggesting that the drop in price will give you an asthma attack.

There are a few bits of trivia to this ad. The price of 14,990 pesetas is equivalent to about 90 Euros today. If you adjust for inflation, that’s about 120 Euros in 2014. That’s a real bargain for a current-gen console.

Overall, this ad is quite effective. It has a bit of humour and it gets the point across quickly. Not much else to say, so there you have it.

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Did a drop in price on the N64 ever leave you out of breath? Well this ad suggests that you use wield your trusty inhaler to recover from the shock.
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