Nintendo 64 ad: Kenny

This here is a nice little ad featuring Kenny from South Park. It’s not too clear about which of the games it’s advertising, but I’ll assume that it’s promoting the first-person shooter Turok clone rather than South Park Rally or Chef’s Luv Shack.

The Kenny ad:

The Kenny ad advertising South Park

The Kenny ad advertising South Park


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About the ad

First of all, I’m going to have to preface this post with a bit of history about the South Park franchise; this might be just my point of view, so take it with a pinch of salt. Back when South Park was new in the late 1990’s it was known for being a very crude and rude cartoon for adults (that all the kids watched when their backs were turned). Besides being gross and full of kids swearing, the show was known as having a series of characters that each had their own little gimmick. Cartman was the fat and rude one, Mr Mackey always says Mkaaay, Ned is the war vet with an electronic voice etc etc. This was mostly because the series was still young and it’s really all they had. It gradually became a show that rovided social commentary and satire while still sticking to its vulgar roots.

Now this is represented in this ad, as Kenny’s gimmick is that he mumbles all his speech though his parka and gets killed all the time. The being killed part isn’t shown though, just the mumbling. This ad doesn’t really show much about what they are advertising; if you didn’t see the Nintendo 64 logo or the Acclaim logo at the bottom, you’d think that it was an ad for the TV show or something. Because of this, I have to say that it’s a pretty shitty ad. If their objective was to raise awareness and interest in the South Park game, the Kenny ad is way too subtle.

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Let's have a look at this South Park ad featuring Kenny that promotes the FPS South park game.
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