HTPC inside a Nintendo 64: now complete!

Update time! A while back, I made a post about a home theatre PC inside a Nintendo 64 chassis, mentioning that it was almost done.Well last Tuesday, SageC posted an update on Linus Tech Tips saying that the project is now complete! Woo hoo! Say hello to the Nintendo 64 HTPC!

The HTPC in a N64

The completed console...

The completed console…

... With a controller!

… With a controller!

After having a write through the previous article, I was really getting my hopes up to see this thing finished, and finally here it is.

As you can see, the chassis is still a repainted blue, but the new addition is that the bottom and the back (which were transparent glass before) have now been painted black. This makes the whole design stand out a whole lot better. Also note that the cartridge slot and vent on the original N64 have been replaced with PC vents for the cooler since this machine is going to get a whole lot notter than the normal N64.

Most of what SageC talks about is the technical specs which I would say is quite powerful for what the computer is meant to do, which is play games from over ten years ago and play some HD video. Something cheaper could have sufficed for the intents and purposes of this project. I won’t get into as much detail as he did, so if you want to find out the tech specs of it, read his post. He explains it better than I can summarise it.

Besides that, SageC says that he’s been using this HTPC as his main PC for the time being. Once it gets hooked up, he says that he’ll be kicking back and relaxing with a good game of Mario Party 3 on it.

Some guts

Some guts

A deeper look at guts

A deeper look at guts

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The HTPC in a Nintendo 64 project is now complete! Have a look and see how it turned out now that the final build is here.
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