How to get your office a Nintendo 64

The one question that has plagued me for aeons is this: how can we improve any corporate culture in the world with one simple change? Well, the answer is simple. Convince HR to get a Nintendo 64 for the office to use.

Now this is a fun little story. After being called over to see HR for a slew of ‘touchy-feely’ questions, blogger Dragonface sent them an email with his suggestion on “What can [they] do better?”. The answers provided directly weren’t really great, but what got them really interested what when Dragonface suggested that they could get a working Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart and four controllers for $100 since the development department loves that kind of stuff.

They first though of putting a Wii with SSBB in there, they decided that that was too hard of a game for newcomers and it would alienate anyone else but the core group of gamers at the company. Because of this, Mario Kart 64 seems like the more logical choice to use in the office.

The obvious reply:

Approved – please send a note around once it’s setup to let people know.

And that is how you win at life.


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Have you ever wanted to have a Nintendo 64 in your office so that everyone can play it after work? I know I have. Dragonface already made this a reality.
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