How Aquaman relates to the N64 in pop culture

Now, if you know me, you’d know that I’m a big fan of the Nintendo 64. Duh, I have a website about it. This means that when I go online to talk about it with people or find out what they remember about it, the Nintendo 64 seems to be somewhat of a gimmick.

Let me explain – It’s something I like to call the Aquaman Token. What this means is that once something becomes old news, it gets one trait that gets repeated over and over again in perpetuity. In the case of Aquaman, it’s that he’s a shitty superhero. Even though this isn’t true, it’s the one thing he’s known for. So many jokes and memes have been made about Aquaman based on this one characteristic, whether it be mocking him because of it, or showing him overcome it. Here are some examples:

From The Big Bang Theory:

A sample image:

You get the point. While I’m sure that there are some hardcore comic fans that know about all of the complexities of Aquaman, he has been stereotyped as being the shitty superhero.

Now, what the hell does this have to do with the Nintendo 64? Well, I feel that it’s falling into the same hole as Aquaman. The only thing is that I think that the N64 is being stereotyped a bit differently. Have a look at this for example:


It just seems like it’s a joke. “Who remembers him?” well, everybody. He just had another hit game a year ago with A Link Between Worlds and the Majora’s Mask remake is coming out next year. Link is not old news. In fact now that I think about it, the Ocarina of Time remake came out a few years back so this is pretty far from nostalgic.

I dunno why I’m ranting about this, but I just feel like almost every time I see something about the N64 on social media it seems to be very… superficial. That’s all.

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Aquaman's relation to popular culture reminds me of how the Nintendo 64 is being treated in social media... What do you think?
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