Pokémon Apokélypse

Okay, I realise that this is quite unrelated to the usual N64 stuff and that it’s old news, but I found that it was quite interesting so I’ll write a quick little something about it.

About the Pokémon Apokélypse

Now this is a bizarre video. It pretty much speaks for itself, it’s a trailer-style video that shows a real-life gritty version of what Pokémon is and all the things that come with it.

In this post-apokélyptic world (oh wow, it really pains me to type that all out), the mafia which we can safely assume is meant to be team rocket rules the world, and the Pokémon league is no more. Team Rocket seems to control a sort of underground Pokémon betting league, and they manage the outcome of the matches to suit their interests. However it’s up to Ash to break the system and restore the system to what it was, or something.

Now, it’s obviously one of those ‘fake trailer’ style Youtube videos. It’s been almost 5 years since the video was released 9at the point of this post) and there hasn’t been any news regarding it being made into a feature film or even a short. After having a look at the Wikipedia page, it turns out that that is the Movie, so the end of the video where it says ‘get ready for trouble’ is completely pointless.

The video in itself has two notable points:

  • The usually upbeat Pokémon TV series being made a dark and gritty live-action film adds to the humour of it adds to the humour and surreality of the video. The contrast in styles really brings out the uniqueness that the makers wanted to make. Note that the concept for Pokémon Apokélypse came up around 2008, the same year that The Dark Knight came out.
  • The CG for the Pokémon look really bizarre. The only way that I can describe it is like this: You know howthere’s typically a big argument about whether it’s better to use puppets/animatronics/costumes or to do it in CG. The jury is still out on that one, but the reason I bring this up is is because the Pokémon look like is Puppet models that are made in CG. It’s really strange, let me know if I’m the only one that thinks this.
Pikachu from the video

Pikachu from the video

Meowth from the video

Meowth from the video

The video description of Pokémon Apokélypse has a link to shogungamer.com, but the whole website doesn’t seem to load for me. This means that I can’t get any updates on it =(

you can view the video on Youtube here.

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Squid writes a little something about the Pokémon Apokélypse, a trailer for a non-existent Pokémon movie made back in 2010.
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