New N64 controller being Kickstarted by Retro Fighters

I’m a sucker for all thing N64, especially when they come out in this day and age. So when I found this Kickstarter campaign for a new N64 controller being made, I had to go and give it a pledge. Don’t get me wrong, there have been 3rd party controllers made since the heyday of the Nintendo 64 but this is a bit more unique because of how recent and different it is. Let’s take a look at how the design is different from all those old ones.

Update 26/Mar/2018: You can find out about the new transparent controller kickstarter here!

Now, the first thing you might notice from this new n64 controller design is that it only has two prongs compared to the three that the original has. There have been N64 controllers in the past that have that design but not quite the same feel, like the Superpad 64 (2-prong version) or the Hori Mini. This one follows the same suit, but instead of feeling like someone melted a 3rd party controller like the Superpad or like you have giant hands like the Hori Mini, it seems to emulate the look and feel of more modern controllers like the Xbox 360 or Wii U pro controller.

Prototype for the new n64 controller.

Of course, to make the whole controller fit onto two prongs some changes had to me made. Most notably the joystick and D-pad now both share the left prong and the Z button is located where the L2 and R2 buttons would be on a more modern controller.

The makers haven’t skipped on making it controller/transfer pak compatible, so you can use them if you want as well. Though it would have been nice if there was a rumble motor included like in modern controllers.

Back view.

Front view.

For the time being, this controller will only be connectable to the Nintendo 64. They do plan on releasing a USB version for emulators after this one if things go well.

Note that the cost of this controller is $20, but this will only be the case for kickstarter backers. People who buy it later will probably pay a bit more. Also note that since this is a controller made in the USA, shipping will be another $20 for international buyers, so keep it in mind when you buy.

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A new N64 controller is being developed and kickstarted by the team at Retro Fighters - a modern take on a classic controller.
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